Who is CHL Services?

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Who is CHL Services?  How is this company growing so fast?  How are they different?

Curious who CHL Services is?  Looking for a contractor that will show up on time, is drug free, and educated?  Welcome to CHL Services!

We are a full service remodeling company that also offers handyman services.  No job is to small and all jobs are backed by the same warranty regardless of price and size.

We are locally owned and operated.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured.  And most importantly, We are Happy People, Doing Great Work!

Lets face it, Atlanta is full of remodeling companies and handymen.  Or as we, at CHL like to call them, guys and pick up trucks.   They are everywhere.  You see them at the local Home Depot.  Not that all of them are bad.  Because they aren’t,  But majority of the time they don’t carry insurance and expect you to pay them money before they can get started.  Beware of guys and pick up trucks!

If you get anything from our blog is that we want you to be an educated consumer.  Please do your research, check for insurance, check references, and check reviews!

If someone damages your home without insurance your stuck with the bill.  If someone falls on your property and doesn’t have workers compensation, they can sue you.  Beware of guys and pick up trucks!

It always amazes us when clients say your more than so and so; aka Bubba.  Well Bubba doesn’t have insurance and Bubba doesn’t provide a warranty.  Bubba is trying to make $100 bucks a day.  Nothing wrong with Bubba, but Bubba kills the market for companies like CHL because we can’t compete with Bubba.  Its sad, but true.

Now there are a lot of customers that don’t care if they have insurance because you may just need it fixed cheap.  We understand and respect that.  Thats why God made chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  There are those flavors of remodel companies out there.  And plenty to choose from.

However, a great remodel company can be as backed up as Atlanta traffic.  If they stay busy, they may be good to work with.  At the same time, you can be good and still be flexible enough with your schedule to work with a customers schedule or timeline.

CHL Services timelines range from one – two days for handyman services to two weeks for remodels.  We typically can get to projects within a two week window; Sometimes quicker.  There are circumstances where it takes a month just to plan out a remodel.  A major addition such as adding a screened in porch, adding additional bedrooms to an existing home, kitchen remodel, or bathroom remodels take time to plan.  But when it comes to half bath remodels, flooring, backslashes, roofs, countertops, siding, decks, and handyman services we typically respond within two weeks.

Who is CHL?  We aren’t a guy and a pick up truck.  We are an actual licensed company that provides warranties, has great reviews, and are more than willing to do whatever it takes to earn your business.

Don’t call Bubba, Call CHL.  We will more than happy to take care of you.  404-277-5907.  We look forward to earning your business and creating a life long partnership with you and your family!