Bathroom Design and Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling in Acworth, GA

The bathroom is the second most used room in the entire home following the kitchen. Because of the large amount of use that this room has, and the fact that there is a lot of moisture exposure to the space, it is often the first room to be remodeled in a home. But can also be one of the main rooms to be neglected.

We offer complete bathroom remodel service. We can change something as simple as your vanity or countertop. Or we can completely demo the entire room and start from scratch. We warranty our showers for 3 year no leaks on standard concrete poured shower pans. But we also are trained to install Schluter shower systems which offer an unmatched warranty.

Our bathroom remodel options are endless. We believe that everyone can have the bathroom that they truly desire, it just takes a little imagination and a really good remodeling service such as CHL Services.

Part of your remodeling can also include things that are beneficial to your home and the environment. You can incorporate LED lighting into your bathroom to reduce energy consumption and reduce your power bills. Low flow shower heads, faucets and toilet can also help reduce your bills and impact on the environment. Different types of building materials from sustainable sources can also be incorporated into the design.

Your bathroom should reflect your tastes and style. You do not have to have a plain bathroom. Spice things up and throw pops of color into your design or you can stay classic and true with a simple subway tile design. Our remodeling service team can create a beautiful bathroom area in very little time that meets all your needs and desires. A typical full bathroom remodel takes about a month to complete. But smaller bathrooms can be completed in as little as a week.

A newly remodeled bathroom is also a very effective selling tool for your home. Prospective buyers are always more inclined to purchase a home with a nice bathroom than one they feel they have to upgrade or change. Many realtors will use a newly remodeled bathroom or kitchen as the main selling point of a home, even when it offers many other amenities. If you want to get a higher selling price for your home, a newly remodeled bathroom may be in your favor. Call CHL today for your free consultation.