Replacing the siding on your home does not have to be a major event. CHL offers complete exterior remodeling services. We will remove the old wall coverings and replace it with the type and style of covering you desire. Our experienced and factory trained teams will complete your project in a quick and efficient manner to prevent your home from being exposed to the elements for an extended period of time.

New exterior wall coverings on a home offer many of the following benefits:
• Updated new look and feel to the home
• Enhanced curb appeal
• Energy efficiency
• Improved value to the home
• Improved structure integrity

A home that has new exterior siding will be more visually appealing and will be valued higher than those with older worn out siding or vinyl siding.

When replacing the exterior siding on your home, you can also opt for more energy efficient materials that can help your home regulate temperatures better. You can also select more environmentally friendly options. There are so many different ways that new
exterior covering can improve your home.

When we replace exterior covering on a home we work in strict compliance with local building codes so that there are never any issues when we are finished. We only consider our project finished when the client is 100% satisfied. Call CHL today for your
free consultation.